Top 10 Brands Vietnam 2019

( 19-08-2015 - 09:12 PM ) - Views: 6004

The typical performance achieved in relation to products and production activities, trading of Petro Taysaigon.


1. Certificates of Quality Management System conformity with ISO 9002 and QMS granted by Quacert


2. Certification and Quality Management System conform to ISO 9001 by DNV (Norway) Range


3. Gold Vietnam Quality Award 2011


4. Quality Gold Cup, gold medals for lubricants Kaiwa at international trade fairs in Can Tho - Mekong Expo


5. The production process standard Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2000 (TUV - German Federation Republic)


6. Awarded Vietnam Gold Star 2010 - TOP 200 Vietnamese brands


7. Title Vietnam High Quality Goods 2012 (8 years)


8. Gold Cup Award 2013 news and content by Vietnam Economic Times - Journal of Consumer Advisory vote


9. Gold Cup Vietnamese brand quality reputation in 2014 (10 years)


10. And many certificates of merit from the agencies and other departments.



The past year has been a lot of success for TSG PETRO. When becoming the Top 10 Brands in Vietnam. To achieve that, TSG has been striving incessantly, from the quality of input and the products provided to customers always being carefully cared for. At the same time, TSG would like to thank our customers and partners from near and far for supporting and supporting the Company over the past time. A new milestone marks the progress of TSG PETRO, a new challenge on the road to building a strong brand.