KAIZEN Mold Release Oil 32

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High-class mold release oil line with effective anti-sticking and lubricating components. Formulated with modern technology combined with refined base oil and some additives to increase the ability to mold very effectively, excellent adhesion.


- Used to spray on the mold to lubricate the mold, anti stick the mold, making it easier to remove the product, Increase the gloss of the product surface and improve the quality product quality.

- Use for products and molds needed degrees
nonstick and medium intensity of operation.
- High lubrication, easy work and

ISO              Test Methods                      Result      
Kinematic viscosity at 40oC (cSt) ASTM D445 28-35.2
Color ----- Light Color
Flash point (COC), oC ASTM D92 Min 185

Use high quality casting products.

Best cast product surface.

Do not create buildup or blockage.

Suitable for low to very high temperatures.

Main function is for lubrication

Highly resistant

Helps mold detachment from workpiece easily

Mold cooling during casting

Excellent preservation and rust protection for mold surfaces.

Do not deform the mold, ensure the precision of casting parts, not cause corrosion of molds.

This flammable product uses high pressure gas.

Observe the following warnings.

Do not spray it toward fire.

Do not use it near the heater.

Do not keep in position above 40 ℃

Provide ventilation after using it in a closed room.

Do not throw into fire.

Keep container tightly closed after use and remove excess air to throw away.

Do not keep in a closed place.

18 liters, 200 liters and according to customers' requirements