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High quality multipurpose grease (EP). For applications where heat-resistant, extreme-pressure greases are required Used for bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, bearings, rollers ... in industries, agriculture, and appliances construction, mechanical ...


For applications where heat-resistant grease is required, extreme pressure used for bearings, pivots, bearings, rings bearings, bearings, rollers ... in industries, agriculture, the equipment in construction, mechanics ...

Additional EP extreme additive system and thickener to help:
- Increases the ability to adhere, reduce grease splash from the details.
- Extremely high pressure (high load).
- Anti-abrasion, anti-rust should protect machine parts
great hook.
- Anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, very good water ...
- Anti-rust, high water resistance and excellent lubrication ability should
Extend service life.

                Name indicator                       ASTM               Unit of measure                 Result         
Thickener root --- --- Lithium
NLGI classification --- --- 3
Needle penetration D217 1/10mm 220-250
Drip degree D256 oC Min 180

Bearings, bearings, joints in general during operation will occur friction between metal surfaces of parts or contiguous parts between machine parts. Friction causes the machine to heat up, obstructing movement and causing wear, resulting in machine damage.

Lubrication separates direct contact between surfaces with a slippery substance called a lubricant. Common lubricants are lubricant and grease. Greasy and lubricate friction surface, thereby reducing friction coefficient, limiting the abrasion speed of machine parts. Protection and anti-rust for details, machine parts, separate metal surfaces from the environment.

Greases in gears in machine parts, grease for bearings contribute to the sealing of some parts and machine parts. The main advantage of using grease is that the machine parts cannot use lubricants.

Store in a covered place, away from direct sunlight or where temperatures are above 60oC.

Do not expose to hot sun or expose to cold conditions.

4kg, 15kg, 17kg, 170kg or according to customers' requirements